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Introducing An-lun Huang 黃安倫簡介 [2021]

An-lun Huang (1949--)    Member of CMC, CLC, Canadian–Chinese composer

“His accomplishments rivals Masters in the West” and “ reflect the great country of China”--- with such many of the comments internationally, An-lun Huang’s compositions have been widely performed and warmly received globally.  Graduated from Yale 1986, his ballet “Dream of Dunhuang” has been selected as one of the “Master Pieces of the Chinese Compositions in 20th Century”. Numerous of his CDs, LPs and scores have been published and released.  More than 20 of his works have been chosen as  the collections of “National Musical 100 Years”, the China’s official music publishing project and more. The CD performed by Bin Huang, Yubo Zhou and Alexander Suleiman for his Piano Trios (Labeled MDG) won the German top CD award, the OPUSKLASSIC 2019.​


Critical Acclaim: “As great as the masters’ works of Western music” ----SoundTech, HongKong, 1999

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